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Safety and Dicipline Policy -

93% For / 7% Against

Other organizations also follow a safety and discipline process to exclude members to ensure the safety of their community. The National Council will investigate the process by which these organizations create their “Ban Lists” and vote to include those lists in the Hearthlight Ban List if they are comparable to the criteria of the HL Safety and Discipline process. Individuals banned through this process will have the opportunity to appeal the ban and trigger a full HL Chapter Relations investigation.

Would you like the following language to be added to Hearthlight's Safety and Discipline Policy?

The National Council may, after a vote of 2/3rds of its members, choose to apply another organization's bans to Hearthlight. Affected individuals will be notified and will be allowed to appeal their bans if they wish to do so. The decision to accept bans from another organization may be revoked by a second 2/3rds vote.

Chapter Polices -
Event Requirement

93.5% For / 7% Against

The National Council wishes to require all chapters hold events in order to maintain good standing. The below language defines events and sets that requirement.

Would you like the following language to become Chapter Relations Policy?

In order to continue meeting requirements for chapter status, realms should host at least one non-practice, non-meetup event per year. The purpose of this requirement is to promote interactions and community between Hearthlight member realms, to encourage advertisement of Hearthlight through local events, and to ensure active participation in Hearthlight by each member realm.


1. Non-practice, non-meetup events should meet the following requirements:

1.1. Be open to and advertised to other realms (may include cross-gamers, does not have to be solely HL players)

1.2. Be advertised to the local community

1.3. Be hosted by the local realm administrative group

1.4. The event should include at least one of the following: organized battle scenarios, A&S classes, fighting technique classes,

tournament(s), bardic competition, A&S competition, or a feast


2. Non-practice, non-meetup event examples include (but are not limited to):

2.1. Single day fighting event (i.e. realm openers/closers)

2.2. Weekend fighting event (i.e. Victory at the Gates, Founding of Eire)

2.3. Single day event focused on crafting and A&S, with or without fighting (i.e. Turkey War)

Chapter Policies -
National Financing

76% For / 24% Against

The following chapter policy is being considered in order to provide a small amount of money to the Hearthlight national organization through event attendance. These funds will be used for the ongoing activities of the national organization, such as the website, advertising, national insurance, legal fees, etc.


Would you like the following language to become Chapter Relations Policy?

For every event, the Hearthlight Chapter will collect a small fee per event attendee and will submit these funds to Hearthlight National.


1. Day Event

1.1. A “day event” is an event that does not have an overnight stay, e.g., a day battle, a day of arts and sciences classes, a feast and bardic night

1.2. Hearthlight Chapters will submit $2/paying attendee to Hearthlight National


2. Overnight Event

2.1. An “overnight” event is an event that includes at least one overnight stay, e.g., a two day weekend event with camping

2.2. Hearthlight Chapters will submit $3/paying attendee to Hearthlight National

Vice President -
Ryer of Barenheim (Adam Leofsky)

100% For / 0% Against

Ryer of Barenheim (mundanely known as Adam Leofsky): Won 100% of counted votes, running uncontested.

We’re looking forward to working with Ryer!

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