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Hearthlight Made Possible By Players Like You!

From the Board of Directors, to the various Committees working on guidebooks and game-wide projects, working groups and volunteers are the lifeblood of this game.
You can make a difference!



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You probably know about your local Chapter Admin or maybe even your Chapter Representative to the National Council, but there's a whole army of folks working together at Hearthlight National to keep things running smoothly! 
Leadership like the Board of Directors, President, and Vice President as well as executive officers who handle things like website maintenance and financials, all serve the game at the national level.
Whatever your interests and availability, there are opportunities for people with your skills to help out. Hearthlight National can always use more hands for these positions:


Interested in leadership? There are many ways to serve!


Board of Directors

Hearthlight is actively soliciting new nominations for the Board of Directors! If you’re interested in nominating someone, or yourself, click here to read more


Chapter Relations

Serves as a team assisting new chapters with onboarding and helps existing chapters maintain updated records and active standing. Help our game grow!


President &
Vice President

Executive Officers of Hearthlight who run the National Council and are point people for committees. Elected every two years. Find out more about these critical positions...


Safety & Discipline

Serves as a team to address incident reports and make recommendations to the National Council on disciplinary actions. Help keep Hearthlight safe!


Chapter Leadership

Local positions who guide their chapter’s policies, culture, and activities. Check the Chapter Rep and Regional Vice President job descriptions...


Want to help get a project off the ground? Join one of our active Committees! 


Games Committee

Special Project to create resources that recognize and incorporate games we love to see at Hearthlight events. Join the Discord...


Social Media
Mod Teams

Community-driven forum moderation, keeping our online spaces open and inclusive — and even on-topic, sometimes! Check out our current teams...


TOW Committee

Ongoing committee that wrestles with the Treatise of War and helps make Guides for Hearthlight Heralds. Join the Discord...


Have a skill like photography or web design you want to share and show off? We always appreciate having more folks to make us, and our website, look good! 


Website Developer

Serves on our web team to keep our website running smoothly. Find out more...


Wiki Articles

The wiki is an open source resource, and your contributions can make it better.

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Hearthlight is a non-profit and is accepting (tax-deductible!) donations.
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