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Welcome, Vallum Hadriani!

Welcome to our newest official chapter, Vallum Hadriani.

From Regional Vice President Michael Benson "Amnesia"

Vallum Hadriani is a foam combat group located in central New York, based out of Syracuse. Our brand of fighting is a full-contact simulated combat, and we also encourage folks to try out the artisan side of things, by getting involved with classes and crafting in the Arts and Sciences areas. Our members have been foam fighting in central New York for roughly a decade, and we’re excited to carry on that tradition as a full chapter of Hearthlight!
Vallum Hadriani is Latin for Hadrian's Wall, which was historically a cultural melting pot of Celts, Vikings, Romans, Greeks, etc. It was the edge of the known world in its time, making it also a great setting for people to create fantasy characters, in addition to historical ones. Our sigil is a howling wolf over a blue chevron, on a white field.

Vallum Hadriani joins our existing chapters in New England, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. We look forward to bringing on new chapters as we get ready for 2020.

To find out more about starting your own Hearthlight Chapter where you are, check out the Start a Chapter page.

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