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Welcome, Meighynfroath!

Hearthlight is proud to welcome our newest Chapter, Meighynfroath! We are happy to introduce them with their own words to the community:

Hail Hearthlight! Meighynfroath is a foam combat group located in Western Pennsylvania and is based out of Butler. We have a very open and welcoming group of both new and veteran players who are dedicated to both the arts and sciences as well as fighting. We are very excited to carry this on as a full chapter of Hearthlight.

Meighynfroath draws many characters from both historical influences such as Celts, Japanese, and Vikings. Fantasy influences range from Dwarves, Orcs, and other classic fantasy influences. Our symbol of Mountains and chains represents the prowess and skills our both our fighters and our crafters who call Meighynfroath their home.

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