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Is Your Hearthlight Membership Up-to-Date?

Updated: Jul 9

With VP elections kicking off any day, now is the time to ensure that your membership is fully up to date. Having an active membership is a requirement to participate in any Hearthlight election process.

First, check on your status. In the banner of the Hearthlight website mouse over "Play" and choose the "Become a Member" option from the dropdown.

Screenshot of the navigation bar with the Play menu selected and "Become a Member" circled in red
Just click "Become a Member"

If you are logged in this will take you to the Become a Member page. If your membership is up to date you will see this banner.

A screenshot of the active membership indicator bar: a green bar that says "Current Membership Status: Active"

If you do not see this banner, you will need to resubmit your application. This should be done each year in order to maintain active status. If you are already a member the fields should be populated already. Simply scroll down and take a moment to change any information that is in error and then hit the "Submit Application" button.

a sample membership application

Once you have submitted an application, the page will reload and you should see a new banner saying that your current status is Pending. Once your application is approved it will change to the green "Active" status.

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