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HL 2024 Vice Presidential Candidates

Nominations For Hearthlight Vice President are officially closed. Official voting for this position will begin July 7th and end July 31st. Be sure to confirm your HL membership status & current email address ASAP before July 7th to receive a ballot email.

Now to meet the candidates!

VP Candidates


Rook Magos

A green haired Rook with a green fluffy stuff animal friend
Rook Magos

Mundane Name: William J. Gallagher

Game Name: Rook Magos

Home Realm: Anvard

Hello all,

I am William J. Gallagher and am here hoping to be considered for the position of Vice President of Hearthlight. In game I am Rook Magos, Squire under Nature of Red Stag and in the Support position of Anvard. I have been heralding for a majority of Anvard's local practices, openers, closers and our big event, Crossroads, as well as Barenheim's Seige last year where I gained Exemplar. During the previous Crossroads I have filled a number of positions from admin, herald and prebattle area safety lead amongst others. I have also been known for my escapades trading at events or helping new players in some of the mental parts of combat.

Out of game I have been an assistant store manager, co-manager of a student run research facility, president, vp and secretary for five clubs/governments in college, head of special projects for another larp and several assistant positions for that same larp including dm and logistics both online and in person. I am currently stepping away from said larp and holding an assistant dm position as we prepare for a new campaign.

Why William, that is a long list of things you have done in the past, but why should we vote for you as VP? Excellent question! I bring experience in logistics, small and large group management, a keen ability to identifying issues before they arise and deal with then while also having the knowledge of how our Larp work from the inside. I want to use those abilities to not only help Hearthlight grow to what we all know it can become but also for the players to grow. If I attain the position, and I use "if" because I know my competition is more than well experienced and knowledgeable, I will aim to support and lead our leadership, both nationally and locally, in expanding and uplifting all chapters both old and new, while keeping us organized and battle ready.


Rivit Du Gooda

A crouching Rivit in garb with a drawn HL bow
Rivit Du Gooda

Mundane Name: Shawn Dolph

Game Name: Rivit Du Gooda

Home Realm/Unit: Urk Kuldar (PA)


I am Rivit Du Gooda, a member of the unit Urk Kuldar. I have been involved in LARPs since 2011 so a lot of you probably know me or know of me. I am running for Vice President because I would like to keep Hearthlight moving forward and growing larger as a game and a community.

This is my first time running for any form of leadership in Hearthlight, but not my first time in a leadership position, and I promise to give it my all and do everything I can to do the absolute best that I can for the community.

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