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State of The Game 2020

From Hearthlight President Ray Witte: How far we’ve come, Wanderers and Companions. This game consistently surprises me. We are blessed with a number of talented people who have generously shared their years of experience with us to help shape and mold Hearthlight, but really, it will be only two years since our founding, as of February 2020. But we’ve come a long way in those two years. So much has happened behind the scenes to create an organization that will be able to expand and grow, while staying true to its values. We have obtained legal registered non-profit status, to provide us with tax benefits and a foundation to offer services like advertising and insurance to our chapters. We have licenses to do business in most of the Northeast, which will help event runners secure venues and have more options. A team of dedicated amateurs has created something that runs more professionally than I thought was possible, and that is something that we should celebrate. We would not be there without the time and dedication of everyone who has served on the Board of Directors and the National Council. We have 8 full chapters throughout the Northeast and Michigan, with potential chapters across the country. I am particularly proud of the work done by people in the Chapterless group to make sure that our more remote members are well represented and have their voices heard. We have a full schedule of day events in every chapter, with at least three camping events in the works. Last year was a busy one, and that was a great thing to see. I have been legitimately impressed with the quality and value of every Hearthlight event I’ve been to, and I am really proud of the work our event runners have done. We are quickly reaching a milestone for any organization, the first transfer of executive leadership. Both Silk and myself are planning on stepping down from our positions as Vice President and President this spring at the end of our terms. I think I can speak for both of us when I say that it has been an honor to serve this community and I am looking forward to seeing the energy and ideas that our successors will bring to both of these positions. If you are interested in learning more about either of these positions, please reach out to your chapter representative or directly to me. Hearthlight is at a critical point in its growth. Most of the groundwork has been laid, and that means there is a limit to what can be done centrally, by the executive officers and the Board of Directors. It is on the Chapters and individuals to step up and help lead, to present new ideas and follow through on them, and to make this game your own. We fought for this, we strode this path, because we wanted a game that not only took safety and fairness seriously, but that was run in a representative manner. We have that. We’ve made it, you, me, and everyone else who is part of this community. But we need to maintain it and grow it. Take this as a call to action. Make 2020 the year where you press for more: more involvement, more events, more meetups, more practices, and more local leadership. The best lesson I’ve learned from my time in medievalism is “If you want things to happen, make them happen.” You have the tools. You have your chapter leaders and your representatives to the National Council. We’ve laid the foundation together. Now it’s time to build. Yours in Service, Raymond J. Witte IV, known as Sir Urdok Ironhand

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