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Results for Feb Vote

Hail Hearthlight,

Our most recent vote/election has come to a close! Here are the results. (NOTE: a vote of Abstain is not counted in the totals and not reflected in the percentages below)

Policy proposals

Safety and Discipline Policy - Reciprocity: 93% For / 7% Against

Chapter Policies - Event Requirement: 93.5% For / 6.5% Against

Chapter Policies - National Financing: 76% For / 24% Against

Vice President Election

Ryer of Barenheim (mundanely known as Adam Leofsky): Won 100% of counted votes, running uncontested. We’re looking forward to working with Ryer!

Thank you for your continued participation in our democracy!


Ur Sir^3 Cermit D Frogknight Wyndhaven

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