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LOCKDOWN A&S: Crafting Pattern Weights with Lady Aelis

For our first Arts & Sciences Lockdown video, Lady Aelis teaches us how to make pattern weights! These will come in handy for your next fabric arts project.

Pattern weights are used to hold down large fabric or patterns when you are tracing or pinning. These simple and useful items will let you practice some basic stitches, or these pattern weights can be a great introductory project!

You can make the pattern for these at home. It's a simple equilateral triangle, 5" on a side with 60º angles (for those of you with protractors).

Aelis recommends filling your pattern weights with BB's or pennies, but any small dense object you have on hand will work.

If you are unfamiliar with the stitches used in this video, please see the resources below:

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