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Hearthlight wants be on the Board of Directors!

Hearthlight is actively soliciting new nominations for the Board of Directors! If you’re interested in nominating someone, or yourself, visit this link to fill out the form and tell us why you think the nominee is the right person for the job!

What does it mean to serve on the Hearthlight Board of Directors? Read on to find out!

Job Description: Hearthlight Board of Directors Member

The Hearthlight Board of Directors is the strategic head of Hearthlight National. The Board consists of seasoned veterans of the community with overlapping three-year terms of office. The Board works closely with the Executive Officers and the National Council, both in person and online, to facilitate policy implementation by providing consistent leadership and a long-term roadmap for the organization. They use their diverse sets of skills and resources to lead projects that set up Hearthlight for success. Some areas of interest of current and former Board members and Executive Officers include accounting, law, non-profits, business, education, history, computer science, and project management.

Joining the Board is a great way for Hearthlight members to influence and improve the game for everyone. If you have skills and experience, this is an opportunity to positively impact the administrative side of the organization and serve the Hearthlight community while honing your own leadership skills.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Manage the key legal and financial structures that support the game Treasury Legal status (corporation and non-profit status) Website Committees Public Relations and Advertisements National Events

  • Appoint non-elected members of the National Council Executive Team (such as Treasurer, Chapter Relations, etc)

  • Provide the strategic vision for the organization and work with the Executive Team and the National Council to execute that vision

  • Help lead committees, particularly on topics that Directors are passionate about

  • Ensure that all legal and financial requirements are met annually through coordination with the Executive Team

Minimum Entry Requirements

In order to be considered eligible for membership in the Hearthlight Board of Directors, a candidate:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • Must hold active Membership in good standing in Hearthlight

  • Must have been added to the Nomination Pool not more than 2 years ago (any Hearthlight member in good standing can make a nomination to the pool, including self-nominations)

  • Must not currently hold another national elected office, such as chapter President/Vice President or a National Council Representative (Stating intention to resign from such a position upon accepting membership to the Board of Directors is an acceptable way to meet this requirement.)

    • If previously served as a member of the Hearthlight Board of Directors, there must have been at least 7 years since their last service (An original member of the Board who has not yet served a second term is exempt from this requirement.)

  • Must own passing garb per Hearthlight’s garb standards

  • Must have no Level III or above Safety & Discipline violations of Code of Conduct

  • Must be easily reachable and respond in a timely manner to communication regarding Hearthlight, both locally and nationally.

Expectations in Office

These are expectations that the Hearthlight Board of Directors and National Executive team have for all Board members. Failure to meet these standards could result in removal from office.

  • Maintain Minimum Requirements listed above.

  • Ensure that all local and national Hearthlight policies are followed.

  • Attend regular meetings and commit to making material contributions to the organizational goals (~2 hours / week)

  • Manage and direct long-term strategy

  • Demonstrate good personal and group organizational skills

  • Be comfortable delegating to skilled individuals/able to direct questions to the proper resources

  • Display self-honesty/self-assessment (i.e., know your strengths, know your schedule/commitment level, and be open about constraints on your time/skills. We can work with your needs but we need to know them going in.)

  • Understand that leadership of an organization is a duty and not a bonus. Serve the needs of their community and Hearthlight before their own.

Ideal Qualities

These qualities represent the ideal candidate for a member of the Hearthlight Board of Directors and are what we believe that all leadership should aspire towards.

  • Meets all Minimum Requirements and Expectations

  • Regional or national recognition as honorable and above reproach

  • Exceptional adherence to the ideals and values of Hearthlight

  • Strong engagement with the culture of Hearthlight as a whole

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and quick response time

  • Familiarity with relevant/useful logistical skills like parsing legal documents, project management, or marketing

  • 2+ years prior experience with leadership in Hearthlight and/or related organizations (e.g., other nationwide LARPs, Scouting groups, organizational Board of Directors/Trustees, etc.)

  • Strong drive to grow both local chapter and national organization

  • Prepared to recruit from diverse demographics and lived experiences

  • Is friendly enough to newbies that they stick around long enough to become members/vets

  • Awareness of own actions, possessing a drive to correct own mistakes without outside prompting

  • Seeks personal betterment through education and community

  • Proactive about maintaining personal boundaries/self-policing for accountability and to prevent burnout or conflicts of interest

Again, if you’re interested in nominating someone, or yourself, visit this link to fill out the form and tell us why you think the nominee is the right person for the job!

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