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Crafting with the Chapterless Group

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

First Meetup of the Season!

This week, the Hearthlight Discord server hosted the first official Chapterless Crafternoon Tea’n’Talk. These meetups are a way for distant members of the Hearthlight community to meet, share crafts, and talk tips -- and introduce their pets, of course!

The night’s crafts included embroidery, knitting, nålbinding, yarn-spinning, drawing, jewelry-making, a gourd-to-bowl project, wood carving, and more! Conversation ranged from craft tools and techniques to medieval cooking, event living, and personal craft and LARP journeys.

We welcomed about a dozen members, from Michigan and Ohio all the way to Florida, and as far north-east as New York and New Jersey. Some have been LARPing for decades; others are relatively new to the hobby. Members of the Hearthlight Board of Directors joined, as well as folks starting up new chapters, and we had some good discussions about how to get (and keep) local groups going.

Pet appearances included a noodle dog who loves paper and her unimpressed kitty friend, a mostly chill, side-eye-expert border collie, a few “helper” cats, and a brief appearance by a dotted menace who wanted some chocolate. We look forward to being introduced to many more animal friends as these meetups progress!

Photos of some of the crafts can be found in the arts-and-sciences channel on the Hearthlight Discord server. Please feel free to add any project photos there, or in the chapterless channel if you prefer!

All members of Hearthlight are welcome at these Tea’n’Talks, which are made possible by the members of the Chapterless group.

What's the Chapterless Group?

The Chapterless are Hearthlight members who for various reasons aren’t geographically close enough to an existing chapter to be able to take advantage of their events or meet their membership requirements. Since all members of Hearthlight deserve a voice at the table, we created the Chapterless group to corral folks who are active and engaged in the game, but don’t have a Chapter’s Representative to speak for them at the National Council. Chapterless members of Hearthlight have a National Council Rep and voting privileges, as well as bylaws and a list of membership requirements that don’t depend so heavily on being able to physically attend regular Chapter events -- especially useful this last year!

The Chapterless group is revving up for an active and energetic season of online hangouts, classes, and events. Coming out of 2020, we’ll be re-evaluating our membership requirements to make sure all active folks can participate to the fullest extent possible, regardless of geographic location. You can find out more information about the Chapterless by reading our bylaws, or by visiting us on Facebook or on the Hearthlight Discord server.

Join Us Next Time! Next Chapterless Crafternoon Tea’n’Talk will be Thursday March 25th at 6pm EDT! These meetups will be held on a weekly rotating basis, and the next one will be announced in the Discord channels and Facebook groups! “Tea” you there!

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