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Artist Spotlight: Eleni aka Koraki

Greetings Hearthlight from Långhund of Barenheim! We’re starting a new Artisans at Large series to celebrate the talented people of our community.

Our first spotlight is Eleni Talleos. Eleni is Boston based with four years of fighting experience as Koraki of the Freeblades of Corinth. While a fearsome Valkyrie on the field and in the pits of tournaments, Koraki is also a professional designer and plastidip artist. She has done the design and plastidip artwork on her own gear, as well as the gear of many of her fellow Greeks.

“Shields are a canvas for cool art and blank shield covers make me sad. I like the challenge of intricate weapon art ideas,” she said. She dedicates as much of her free time to her craft as she can.

Please feel free to peruse through her portfolio at:

And reach out for any questions, or commissions.

She's also included a neat tutorial on how to make a Greek Column for a camp decoration.


Långhund of Barenheim

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