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Accepting New Chapters!

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Good morning Hearthlight! I am pleased to announce, after much hard work by the Chapters and the Board of Directors, that we have officially approved our starting chapters. Knor, Tir Asleen, Nordanmork, Anvard, Iron Mountain, Barenheim, and Vinland have completed the onboarding process. We thank them for their patience and their willingness to work with us as we develop a new process. This also means that Hearthlight is ready to accept Chapter Applications from the public! What are the benefits of being a Hearthlight Chapter?

The most obvious benefit is that becoming a Hearthlight chapter gives you an immediate voice in the management of the organization, including the bylaws which govern how the organization is run, not just the rules of combat. In addition, you are becoming part of a community dedicated to improving itself and providing a positive experience to all of our members, with a formidable pool of collective experience and a growing library of documents and guides to help your chapter grow.

We have a responsive, chapter-driven discipline process that is transparent and allows for a flexible response to matters involving player safety, both on a local and a national level. This process has been operating effectively for over a year.

As Hearthlight grows, we are planning to offer more benefits to our chapters, including things like an insurance policy, that will ease the burden of establishing events.

What are the responsibilities of being a Hearthlight Chapter?

The most important responsibility of a Hearthlight Chapter is the responsibility to keep your participants and members safe. The primary means to this end are having a code of conduct that reflects Hearthlight’s Values and a safety and discipline process in place. Hearthlight is happy to help you develop those policies and to provide model documents. A Chapter also needs to have regular elections that are open, fair, and democratic. Hearthlight is happy to help you develop those policies and to provide model documents. Related to this, a prospective chapter needs to have a way of tracking active membership for their area. With these policies in place, your chapter is well on its way to becoming a Chapter of Hearthlight!

Start yours today at the link below

We are building an organization that provides immersive medieval experiences, through art, performance, combat, crafting, and so much more. If you have questions about the process of becoming a Hearthlight Chapter, please reach out to

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