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A Lazy SAC of Fun

By Chapter Relations Officer, Silk Wyndhaven

One of the best parts of this year's Siege of Azure Castle was you didn't have to have an agenda to have a good time. You don't have to rally on the field or inside the castle walls. You don't have to have a ballad for bardic or an entry in the Arts & Sciences competitions. You just have to show up!

Friday night was chill and relaxed, the Welcome Revel provided a much needed "snack and social" to get me into the event mood. The savory scones were a huge hit, as were the pickled eggs, and various veggies and finger foods.

The pavilion could get loud at times, but as a welcome respite there were a handful of meet and greets in the clubhouse's upstairs room. I attended the Valkyrie meet and greet to support the various lady and lady adjacent folks who planned to participate.

The mud was the only complaint in navigating the central meeting/party/shopping area, and ultimately some pallets were laid out to help with foot traffic.

Speaking of the central area, it seemed like there was always something going on. A class, a meetup, a sing along, I was never bored. The merchants were on point as usual, and Gwen even brought us the added bonus treat of an auction amidst the festivities of Saturday night.

It seemed that everyone was in a good mood and enjoyed themselves. Court was blessedly brief, and the bonfire while a little reluctant to start, was the place to chill Saturday after the official festivities.

This Siege of Azure Castle from the lazy event goer point of view was perfection.

Edited by Public Relations Officer, Lord Bova

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