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Submit Your Opinion - Silk for BOD

Adrienne Marozzi/Silk Wyndhaven has been added to the nomination pool for the Hearthlight Board of Directors, and we ask the community for their voice!

If you know of any reason that Silk would be an unfit choice for a leadership role in Hearthlight (including – but not limited to – violations of the Hearthlight Code of Conduct, similar violations of the standards of other related games or organizations, or any other behavior unbecoming of a community leader), let us know.

Likewise, if you would like to voice your support for Silk or share why she would make a good addition to Hearthlight’s leadership, please say so!

Share your comments in the form linked below. You have the option to submit any comments anonymously.

Photo of Silk sitting with a cloak holding a green pottery mug
Silk Wyndhaven

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