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Siege of the Azure Castle IV

Greetings Hearthlight! Barenheim is proud to lay siege to the EMR Event Park for our fourth year on 04.12.19!

Join us for Siege of the Azure Castle, and start your event season off with a CRASH as you test your strength against our newly built castle gates!

Start on Friday with our welcome revel and the all new Iron Warrior tournament!

On Saturday, we’re bringing you a full schedule of arts and science classes. Learn to make a country porridge, how to process a rabbit from carcass to roast, meet up with your fellow bards or fiber arts and more! If swords and spears are more your style, we have completely revised our fighting schedule this year. We’ll be starting the day with a 10 v 10 tournament inside the castle. We’ll move on to the Siege of the Castle itself! Bring your siege engines, bags of rocks, and your bows! Then we’ll move on to the finest woods in foam fighting for Hold the Bunker. Finally, if you still haven’t had enough, join us in the village for a never ending meat grinder, and fight till your arm aches!

Cap off the fighting with our Valkyrie Cup, our women’s tournament! Support your favorite fighter or join the contest yourself. In addition to all this, there will be A&S contests and a bardic circle on Saturday evening. The cost is $30 if you register early. Camping is free and cabin slots are available for $10 a person, or contact EMR to rent an entire cabin.

Register today at,

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