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Covid Policy Update 2021-06-01

In order to keep Hearthlight players safe and healthy, the National Leadership Council has decided to enact a specific COVID-19 policy that addresses interstate events and attendance to said events.


  1. All multi-state events must adhere to the guidelines of the state where the event is being held regardless of any other additional requirements listed here.

  2. All Hearthlight events that are open to multi-state attendance will require proof of vaccination or a valid exemption from vaccination in order to attend. Valid exemptions are:

    1. Medical reasons, as proven by a letter from a medical doctor or a nurse practitioner.

  3. Proof of vaccination can be provided in the form of a vaccination card, a copy of the original card, or a clear picture of the vaccination card.

Method of Confirming Proof

In order to protect players’ health and safety, while also retaining their medical privacy, the following methods of meeting the above criteria will be followed:

  1. Negative Confirmation of Proof - Confirmation of proof will be visual and verbal only - no record of vaccination or exemption status will be kept, digitally or physically. Registrants who are denied entry will have their name removed from the list of registrants to indicate that sufficient proof of vaccination or exemption was not provided to event check-in staff.


  1. Positive Confirmation of Proof - If a registrant has proven their vaccination status or exemption and is allowed into the event and that data MUST be recorded, whatever field that is used to indicate this must use generic terminology, without reference to what type of method of entry has been used (proof of vaccination or exemption).

    1. If this method is used, these records must be destroyed after the event is over.

At no point will medical status be recorded by Hearthlight staff.

Local health guidelines are still expected to be followed by all chapters. This is policy applies only to Interstate events.

A pdf copy of the policy can be found here.

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