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Hearthlight Covid-19 Policy Update

Update to our COVID policy that expired September 1st:

Hearthlight will continue to suspend in person activity until such time as the National Council and Board of Directors votes otherwise. However, given the differing covid-19 caseloads in different regions, this policy is superseded by local public health guidance for local practices and events.

This is not a full reopening, but rather a tentative step. Out of state and multi-state events are still suspended during this period.

Hearthlight understands that members may have individual considerations for safety independent of local public health guidance. These considerations should not impact members' Hearthlight voting status, so attendance or absence of attendance at in person events during this period will not be counted for or against chapter or Hearthlight voting status.


President Ur Sir^3 Cermit D Frogknight Wyndhaven of Tir Asleen

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