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Presidential Candidates 2022

Presidential Elections have begun. Below are our candidates for 2022.

Candidate for President:

Mundane Name: Tyler Gale

Mundane Pronouns: He/Him

Game Name: Fa-Gore

Game Pronouns: He/Him

Home Realm: Knor


My Name is Tyler Gale but I prefer Fa-Gore. I've been involved with battle games for 11 years starting when I was 16. I was a founding member of the Knor chapter and served as VP and President. My other hobbies include Magic the gathering, Lifting weights, DnD, and aggressive music.

What makes you qualified for the position of Vice President of Hearthlight?

I've been involved in battle games in one way or another for 11 years, including as VP and president for the Knor Chapter. Am I a suitable man for the job? Who knows? I am going to try my best and find out though.

Knor started in a small town with a couple of high school kids and has grown exponentially. As with many chapters attendance wanes and at one point Knor was at the point of death. I would stand every week at the park no matter what, for the 0 - 2 people that would show up. This act of commitment led to bigger and bigger practices. This led to old members coming back, strangers becoming members, and even outside organizations including The Venture Scouts contacting us.

Constantly showing up and banging your head against the wall is a way to go forward. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of finished, as long as things are moving forward you will make it.

Two goals I would like Hearthlight to have is a National Insurance system similar to that of the SCA, and text alerts sent to your phone when membership is about to expire.

A national insurance plan would increase the number of venues we as an organization could use while also lightening the burden on individual chapters and event organizers. I believe investigating this as a possibility is worthwhile, even if we as an org decide against it after research is completed.

I would also like text alerts sent to us when membership is about to expire. If shady scammers, pre-workout companies, and politicians can text me whenever, then Hearthlight should be able to as well.

I hope you consider me when voting for Hearthlight President.

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