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Welcome, The Escarpment!

The Escarpment is a foam combat group located in Western New York; based out of Buffalo. Our brand of fighting is full-contact simulated combat, and we also encourage folks to try out the artisan side of Hearthlight, by getting involved with classes and crafting. Our members stand along side our sister chapters, having been foam fighting in Western New York for roughly a decade or more, and can't wait for what's yet to come!

Our sigil is a tri-trout superimposed on a shield of thirteen electric flashes over a round blue & gold parted per bend sinister background. The tri-trout symbolizes resilience, adaptability and transformation. The shield of electric flashes pays homage to our home flag of Buffalo. Our name is derived from the geological formation that served as a strong defensive element. The Escarpment is the cliff over which even mighty rivers meet their fall.

Meet this group of Dungeon Punks in Delaware Park for their practices, Saturdays 12:30-till the last fighter leaves. Meet us on the pitch!


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