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Lockdown Video - Indoor Pell

Sir Gilth of Black Guard shared a video about how to make a pell indoors for targeting while you shelter in place / quarantine.

A traditional pell is a post in the ground that you can hit and practice targeting and measure against.

Indoors it can be hard to have the room to install such a post, so there are alternatives. One alternative is not so much for practicing shot technique as it is for practicing targeting and measure: a paper pell.

You’ll Need

  • A writing utensil

  • Some paper (index cards or sticky notes will also work)

  • Some tape (or sticky notes)

  • If you’re feeling fancy, measuring tape


Take your paper and tear some of it into 6 equal sized pieces. These will be your targets. Number these pieces 1 through 6

For verisimilitude, you can also draw a head to use.

Find a blank piece of wall that’s roughly person sized. I find doors to be handy. Bring over your measuring tape.

Measure approximately head-height from the floor. I usually do around 6 feet, since that’s a pretty regular height for many Hearthlight players.

If you are using a head, place it now.

Next, you’ll place two targets at shoulder height. I usually number these “1” and “2” Then, place two targets at hip height (I use “3” and “4”). Finally, place two targets at a vaguely leg height (I use “5” and “6”).

This should simulate targets on a person nicely.

This “pell” can be used to practice measure (how far away you can be from a target and still hit) as well as generally targeting (when you aim for a location, you can strike it every time) and practicing slow movements between shots (focusing on moving from target 1 to target 4 for example). In a later fitness video, we can cover how to develop drills using these specific targets. You can also use similar techniques on a convenient pole. The pole is good because it is 3D, and so you can practice different footwork and measure with the pole. Of course, you have to have access to a pole!

A punching bag can also be used as something for more full strength hits (as opposed to the wall target, which I do not suggest hitting beyond a gentle tap haha).

Have fun making!

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