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Lockdown - Video 1.5 - Saber Drill

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

In this video, Sir Urdok Ironhand shares some tips on the basics of weapons training and a modified saber drill.

When drilling weapons at home, Urdok recommends to start with general fitness training first and then transition into your weapons training. Not only does this mean you’re good and warm when you begin with the weapons, but it better simulates the conditions on a field, or in a tournament. Your muscles might be a little sore, you might be a little winded, just like in real fighting.

Today is a drill to isolate muscle groups for single sword fighting. This will facilitate the quick, tricky movements that allow you to pull off unexpected shots.

Saber Drill

Adapted saber Drill from ~1900 by Alfred Hutton, a well regarded western martial arts instructor.


  • Single sword

  • Wrist mobility

  • Angle control

  • Quick shots


These drills are conducted as slow as possible.

Focus on range of motion and control.

You’ll do this whole procedure in three sets, ten times each, isolating a different group of muscles each set.

  • Ten with isolating wrist as much as possible

  • Ten with elbow and wrist

  • Ten with full body like throwing the shots

1. Freeze your elbow to your body. This will help you better exercise the muscles in your forearm and wrists

Freeze that elbow!

2. Starting Position - with that frozen elbow, hold the sword perpendicular to the ground in front of you in a classic “en garde” position

En Garde!

3. Strike One - From the sword side top, quadrant striking to middle (about a 45° angle downwards)

Strike from top corner to middle
Finish in the middle

4. Strike Two - From the non-sword side top quadrant, striking to middle (about a 45° angle downwards)

Strike from other top corner to middle

5. Strike Three - From the sword side hip height crossing to opposite side, parallel to the ground

Slice across the middle

6. Strike Four - From the non-sword side hip height crossing to sword side, parallel to the ground

Slice across the middle the other way

7. Strike Five - From starting position, striking straight down to middle.

Strike straight down
Finish in the middle

Repeat 10xs, then 2 more sets with progressively greater muscles!

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