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Lockdown - Video 2 - Bodyweight Squats

Today’s video is from Travis Tessier of Iron Dragon Dojo. He’s going to show us how to do some bodyweight squats.

Body Area

  • Core

  • Legs


  • Starting Position - Feet shoulder width apart, Toes pointing generally forward, but whatever is comfortable

  • Hip hinge - butt goes back, bend at the knees, chest stays up

  • Arms - out in front of you for counter balance

  • At the bottom of the squat, shoulders remain in line with middle of the foot

  • Propel yourself back to the starting position


10-20 reps, for 3 sets

You can also do Tabata for squats (See Kite’s Tabata Video!)


For a harder workout

Jump Squats

At the top of your squat, jump upward

As you land, catch yourself softly with an athletic foot

For an easier workout

Get in a good starting position in front of a chair

Gently sit down

As you stand up, you don’t propel yourself forward, you do the last half of the squat.

For more information

Also, for anyone interested, you can find more info and updates from me over on Go Beyond Gains, where I also offer personal training options!
There is also a full footwork drill playlist on the Iron Dragon Dojo YouTube channel where we post regular updates on training or drills.
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