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Lockdown - Video 1 - Pushups

For the first video in the series, Sir Urdok Ironhand has made a video to share an at-home exercise we can do with minimal gear to keep in fighting shape.


Body Areas

  • Upper body

  • Core

  • Glutes

  • Legs


  1. Get down on the floor on your hands and knees

  2. Place each hand below your shoulder. You can have your hands flat on the ground or in fists (especially if it hurts your wrists).

  3. Raise your knees off the ground to balance on your toes

  4. Have your back in a straight line

  5. Lower yourself to just brush the ground (don’t touch your body to the ground)

  6. Raise yourself back up, keeping your back straight

  7. Repeat for total number of reps desired


Not everyone is ready or able to do traditional pushups. Modifications are fine! The goal is to get moving and start getting these motions in your muscle memory.

Rather than doing pushups from your toes, you can do them from your knees

  • Still keep your back straight (that helps work your core & glutes)

  • Lower yourself and back up like a regular pushup

  • By using your knees, you’re reducing your body weight

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