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Artisan at Large: Caitlin Geist

Greetings Hearthlight! Next in our Artisans at Large series Is Caitlin Geist. Caitlin, known as Siren, is from Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania. She joined Barenheim in the summer of 2015. Though she does not fight anymore due to health issues, she makes a presence in the A+S portion of Hearthlight. She specializes in 3D printed signet rings and jewelry:

But her skill doesn't end there!

Caitlin Paints:


And draws both in physical and digital media:

Caitlin has taken up leading virtual art classes in her free time. When Caitlin was asked about her art, she said: “Art has always been a passion of mine. To paint I first gather my paints, palette, easel and canvas. I paint on the coffee table in my living room. I turn on music to help focus on the moment. If I don’t have a specific painting to do, I spend a few moments looking at the canvas, trying to imagine what I want to capture on the canvas. I begin with large brush strokes, blocking out the canvas and go in with finer details after. Once I start though, the painting is rarely what I originally imagined. I used to fight this, but now I embrace the excitement of not knowing what I will end up with. Learning to let go of what I thought it should be and letting my hands work was the best thing I ever did for my art, and to be able to combine it with my love of reenactment is a great joy in my life. To see people on the field wearing my signet rings is such a proud moment for me. Giving them a fine detail for their kit that they might otherwise not have had is a great experience.” Check out and follow her pages (listed below) to see everything she is creating! She is also available for commissions or virtual art classes! Her Facebook page can be found here And her Instagram is @merchantsdaughtershop

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